Healthy & mindful traiteur

Healthy mindfully prepared takeaway meals
to enjoy mindful.

What is healthy?

I interpret healthy eating as nutritious food for your body and mind. It is not your calories that determine what is healthy, but a nice balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Easily digestible food that does not leave you feeling bloated afterwards and improves your immune system.

Our organic vegetables are at the heart of all our meals. On average, a hot meal contains no less than 200 to 400 grams of vegetables. Our litre of soup contains around 600 to 800 grams of vegetables. Worthy for a healthy caterer.

We finish each meal with fresh herbs. The base of our meals is plant-based; we use coconut oil for hot preparations and extra virgin olive oil and sesame oil for salads.

We make everything gluten-free because it's perfectly fine without gluten too. I don't want to comment on whether it is healthy or not. My body cannot tolerate it well and I am not the only one.

What is mindful cooking?

Making conscious food, in the now, in a calm relaxed atmosphere.

Everyone likes to use the phrase -made with love- but few consider what it means and why it matters.

We welcome vegetables to our kitchen. This may sound ridiculous when you first hear it. But no one questions that plants grow better when you talk to them, so it is not so strange that food is more nutritious when you treat it with love.

The atmosphere is of great importance, which is why we aim to cook in a relaxed manner, without rushing. If necessary, we will meditate briefly.

We lovingly send our dishes out of the kitchen with the intention of nourishing the body and mind healthily.

And fair is fair, a meal we put so much time and love into deserves the same from you. Enjoy our meals consciously and mindfully.

live love eat by Eva maessen