Sustainable Catering

Out of love
for our planet.

Sustainable policy


We conduct a thorough sustainable policy. In everything we do, from creation to waste policy, we think about how to do it as sustainably as possible.

Like perfect sorting, for example. We have a maximum of 1 small household residual waste bag per week. Something we are particularly proud of.

So why do we do it? Quite simply: because, alongside economics, there is such a thing as ecology. Out of pure love for our planet, belief in change and belief in values like honesty, selflessness, respect and caring.

We promote plant-based and vegetarian food, without compromising each individual's choice. Similarly with our packaging, we leave the choice to the customer: reusable packaging with empties or recyclable packaging.

Promoting VEGAN

Zero waste with deposit or recyclable packaging


You have the choice between a zero waste system, glass jars with deposits or recyclable packaging.

We very consciously choose not to use biodegradable packaging anymore. Biodegradable packaging is made for industrial composting, but this does not happen in Belgium, so it increases the amount of waste, something we want to avoid.

We use RPET and RCPET these containers are made of recycled PET which can be recycled again 100%. Please take the trouble to rinse them out and sort them into the blue bag.

DID YOU KNOW? the content of the packaging has a bigger impact in terms of sustainability than the packaging itself.
Only 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions are due to packaging.
Consequently, a plant-based meal in plastic is a more sustainable choice than a flexitarian meal without waste with empties system.

TIP = If you would like to know more about ecology and nutrition, I would like to recommend taking a course ( Dutch only) on this matter at the Sustainable Family.