If you eat gluten-free, lactose-free or have any other allergy or intolerance, you can indulge here.

We are a gluten-free caterer.

We make everything gluten-free because it's perfectly fine without gluten too. I don't want to comment on whether it is healthy or not. My body cannot tolerate it well and I note that I am not the only one.

We buy everything with a gluten-free label whenever possible, such as the oatmeal we use when we make chicken mince. We use tamari instead of soy sauce. Our broth from Rapunzel is gluten-free and yeast-free but has a mention of possible traces.

Important notice for people with celiac disease, cross-pollination is possible at the desserts because they are not homemade and our bakers ( Home Bakery Suus, Madame Bakster and Mi Joya the chocolate maker) do not operate exclusively gluten-free.

The basis of our dishes is mostly vegetable so lactose-free is also a breeze. In addition, we list allergens with all our dishes.

If you have any other allergies outside the 14 legal allergens, we will be happy to help you. Send an e-mail in advance and we will see what is possible and where we can make any adjustments.

glutenvrij traiteur allergenen