Menu from Monday 22 May
Closed OLH Ascension Thursday 18 & Fri 19

Basic freshly washed salad with vinaigrette of your choice* 6.9  Compose your own salad with the suggestions
( gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free) (allergens - )

Salad with feta cheese, beetroot, salty granola and mint vinaigrette with agave 13.9
( gluten-free, vegetarian) (allergens milk, nuts)

Salad of brown rice noodles, aubergine, mango, fermented red cabbage, citrus vinaigrette and peanuts 15.9
( gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free) (allergens celery, sesame, peanut

Salad with farmhouse chicken fillet, carrot, sprouts, mango and vinaigrette with cashew nut 16.4
( gluten-free, flexi, lactose-free) (allergens nuts, sesame)


* Choice of homemade vinaigrettes:
- mint vinaigrette with agave
- cashew with sesame oil
- olive oil with balsamic vinegar
- Thai citrus vinaigrette with grilled sesame

chicken salad
lentil salad